Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hello...and Happy Holidays!!

Hello everyone, remember me!? :)
I've been busy, busy and extremely busy during the last couple of weeks.
We celebrated St. Nicholas on December 19th (it's my family's Home Patron Saint) and if I tell you that we made 17 different sorts of cookies, you can imagine what kind of preparations we had.
I had my exam on December 10th (the second part of it), which went very well and now I have only one, final exam left for the end of January/beginning of February. Six months later than I originaly planed, but I'm getting my diploma, very soon. :)
I had very little (practically no time) for crafting, but I made a couple of cards and some Christmas ornaments. I need to take photos and then I will post them, but probably after the New Years.
Anyway, just in case you stumble upon my blog in the next few days, I wanted to wish you all

A Very Merry Christmas and A Joyous New Year!!!


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