Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sunflowerfield Designs RUBBER Stamps are in stock now!!!


Wow, what an exciting day are we having here at Sunflowerfield! :)

 All the sheets and single stamps that were preorderd will be shipped tomorrow!!! 

Wow, look at this amazing rubber! Don't you just love the smell of it? :)

Our stamp kit is out of stock, but you can now ORDER single stamps!

Our stamps are  deeply etched, unmounted red rubber stamps produced in USA and their home is in Finland!!!

Our Spring Rubber Stamps are perfect for all your Spring themed, Mother's Day themed, Easter themed, Birthday themed, Valentines etc. cards!

And here they are - The Very First Sunflowerfield Designs Rubber Stamps: :)


All the stamps are designed by yours truly (Vanja Stevanovic ) for Sunflowerfield Designs.

And all those who order any of our rubber stamps by Monday, will receive an aditional accessory stamp or two, those that were included in the stamp kit, but are not available to purchase as single stamps. So, how does that sound? :)

So, how do you like them? Tell me which one is your favourite?

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  1. Gorgeous stamp designs.
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