Friday, 2 April 2010

Decorating eggs with leaves and onion peel


Today I want to show you one, actually two of the methods we use to decorate eggs for Easter.

First method is - Decorating Eggs with Leaves
Second method is - Decorating Eggs with Onion Peel.

They are both very easy but very effective!

For the first method you will need, in the first place some leaves. They can be any sort of leaves, among the ones I chose are: rose leaves, strawberry leaves, "selen" leaves (which smell beautifully)

You will need some old tights, which you will cut in small pieces, scissors and some yarn.

Firt step is to cut one of the pieces of the tights like in the photo and position one of the leaves in the middle.

Put an egg over the leaf, wrap the piece of the tight around the egg and tie it with yarn.

After that, if the remainings of the tight are too long, cut them away, you will get something like this:

Here is what some of the eggs in the tights look like:

Another method, decorating with Onion Peel is practitally the same, you need pieces of tights and some onion peel .

You put peel around an egg and then put the egg on a piece of tight .

Wrap it up and tie, just like I mentioned before.

You will get something like this.

After you've coocked and coloured the eggs, you cut off the tights with scissors.

After that you remove the leaf.

It usually comes off easily, but sometimes, if you don't take the leaf off the egg while the egg is hot, the leaf won't come off entirely, but no need to panic, just take a piece of wet cloth and clean it, like in the photo, it's very easy.

As you can see the remainings of the leaf are gone.

Basically, this is what an egg looks like, decorated with leaves, of course it can be dyed in any colour.

And this is what eggs decorated with the onion peel method look like (the process of removing the peel is the same as the "leaves one"). It can be dyed in any colour, but I prefer blue and green, because of the contrast.

Onion Peel can also be used for colouring, those brownish eggs in the photo are dyed with it.

I hope you liked my little tutorial and if you've never tried either of these methods, I hope you'll give them a try. :)

Have a lovely day and Happy Easter! :)


  1. Oh wow this is so fabulous what a stunning effect!
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful tutorial!
    Happy Easter!
    kim x

  2. WOWZA Vanja! These are gorgeous!!!
    Happy Easter!
    blessings, Maria


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